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Undergraduate Courses

GLG 201: The Dynamic Earth 
GLG 302: Geology of Michigan 
GLG 303: Oceanography 
GLG 304: Physical and Biological History of the Earth 
GLG 306: Environmental Geomorphology 
GLG 319: Introduction to Earth System Science 
GLG 321: Mineralogy and Geochemistry 
GLG 335: Plants Through Time 
GLG 351: Structural Geology 
GLG 361: Petrology 
GLG 401: Plate Tectonics
GLG 412: Glacial Geology and the Record of Climate Change 
GLG 413: Groundwater Contamination 
GLG 421: Environmental Geochemistry 
GLG 426: Biogeochemistry 
GLG 431: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy 
GLG 433: Vertebrate Paleontology 
GLG 434: Evolutionary Paleobiology 
GLG 440: Planetary Geology 
GLG 470: Principles of Modern Geophysics 
GLG 471: Applied Geophysics 
GLG 481: Reservoirs and Aquifers 
GLG 491: Field Geology - Summer Camp 
GLG 492: Senior Experience in Earth Sciences 
GLG 499: Independent Study in Geological Sciences 


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